BSc Thesis: Provision of Basic Computing Facilities

My undergraduate dissertation subject was based around the concept of using Linux to reuse out of date computers with the goal of doing this in a way that required as little setup as possible an no reliance on the hardware.

The project was eventually titled 'Open Source Software for the Provision of Basic Computing Facilities'

The project essentially consisted of creating a Linux LiveCD/Distro that would allow the use to take advantage of the new wave of online facilities such as Google Docs and ZoHo office suite in order to facilitate what was in effect a thin client.

  • Leave no responsibility on the shoulders of basic users and move it onto cloud services
  • Can make use of cheap/reused hardware that requires little action on the user in the event of failure. 
  • All basic computing functions can be provided (Internet access, email, word processing etc)

I struggled with the project for many reasons and I am, now, the fist to concede that I was to immature to be studying honours level at that point and was completely out of my depth this was not overly helped by other matters but that is not important.

This work is not reflective of my current style or approach and is posted as a record and because its fun to look back at how far we have come.

There is one aspect of this project I am very proud of: This project is very similar in idea and style to Google's Chrome OS but pre-dates it by around 3 years.

Abstract pdf

Complete pdf

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