About Me

My name is Craig and I am a Geek.

I also remember when being a geek was something people were not proud of.

The CV Blurb

I have spent time studying in both Glasgow and Edinburgh before enrolling on undergraduate and postgraduate courses from Edinburgh Napier University. Keen personal interest in Open Source and Security lead to dissertation subjects focused on Linux and the optimization of IPtables rule sets followed by graduation with a Masters of Science in Advanced Networking at the age of 22. I have worked in various IT roles including

  • A implementation team replacing backbone network infrastructure throughout EMEA retail stores for a multinational electronics company
  • Implementation and support engineer focused on Cloud technologies and the implementation of, Migration to and business as usual support of Google Apps for Business
  • Implementation of Disaster recover solutions utilising Amazon Web Services. 
I am also
  • A Member of the British Computing Society
  • A Google Apps Certified Deployment specialist 
  • LPIC-1 Certified

The personal blurb

Having spent my childhood in the Scottish borders I have always found myself tinkering with things without being overly geeky.

I grew up in the Scottish borders never really fit in either at school. Things changed when I left high school at 16 and started college.  During the my Honors year and masters degree I found myself surrounded by a crowd similar to myself and gradually became a full blown geek.

During this time I became a big supporter of Open Source Software. I started to run Gentoo Linux as my main Operating system and also became a huge fan of XBMC which has been the main component of my entertainment since.

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