Sunday, 12 August 2012

Blogger post category pages and RSS feeds

The more web aware(interested?) people reading this may have noticed this site runs on Google's Blogger platform although I've taken a few steps to hide that. It is not that I mind the site being on blogger and more that I just did not like the look.

One the plugins I used to have in WordPress was to generate pages that only show posts from a certain category, almost as if they were sub-blogs. Doing this in Blogger isn't obvious but is doable once you combine a couple of things.

Categorised Pages.

To access such a page you use the search feature of the site and you end up with an URL formed as [domain]/search/label/[label] to create the following.
You can obviously use this link where as you would anywhere else but if you want it to appear in your site navigation you need to create a page that points there. Fortunately this is also built in, so just use the "Web address" option when creating a new point.

Then add the url like so

Categorised RSS feeds.

The principle here is basically the same as above, create a URL and link to it however you so desire. The url is formed as follows

Now you have that link its just a matter of putting it into an HTML widget with the appropriate tags, images etc and your good to go.

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