Saturday, 30 June 2012

An open question to smarter people: RIM and Blackberry

I have been saying for a long time that RIM are in trouble and that is definitely coming into fruition now based on their latest earnings call which included first operating losses in many years, Job losses and further delays in the new Blackberry 10 OS.

My question is why bother with an OS? I have previously said they should just ditch hardware and sell/license BES to provide secure email to other devices however I understand this leaves them in a very vulnerable position as they have no USP. If they were to take a full android base admit they are not trying to be the biggest and best device out there and focus on what they do well and be competent at the other aspects of the modern device.

So what should they do, I think they should ditch whatever OS they are using its clearly not up to the task and they have next to no chance at building an ecosystem around it but how to go about it

  • Take the android base similar to how Amazon did with the Kindle Fire.
  • They can they create their blackberry apps on android and release BBM to the android masses (to build on the success that product already has and capitalise on the market share they still have before iMessage and other services leave BBM in the dust)
  • Build in tighter security controls and central management then other android devices such as administratively blocking side loading apps another control other settings from inside BES. 
  • Build a proxy market system like Microsoft is doing with windows 8 for the enterprise to let administrators open the doors or only install apps on a white list. This could be blanket as in allow all versions of this app or only allow approved versions. 

I think the final point is key, allow administrators the control while also allowing users the functionality without having to fight tooth and nail to build an ecosystem in the way that Windows Phone is having to do just now. It's all about ecosystem and RIM currently do not have one. Using android would allow them to instantly have this without having to work for it, Amazon realised this. 

My question is why don't RIM go down the same route; can anybody tell me why they continue dragging their own OS kicking and screaming into the future?

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