Saturday, 3 October 2009

portable XBMC profile/Symlinks in windows

***Update*** This does still work although there is a very better way using MySQL. I intend to post about this now the site is up and running again but in the mean time it can be found on the xbmc wiki.

Being a huge fan of XBMC i run it in both my bedroom and the living room. The feature I've been using more and more is the library making note of what i have and haven't watched. Since I run two separate machines I was left with a problem of syncing the profiles so they show the same files and since I do not run a domain controller to share the home folder I was left looking for a simpler solution. Under Linux this would be easy: create a symlink to a folder stored on my file-server. However both machines are currently running windows.

Following this guide on links in windows I solved the profile path problem as follows.

  • copy the profile to the storage location in my case X:\userdata

  • open command prompt with admin privileges and navigate to xbmc userdata folder (program files if in portable mode or check this guide

  • run "MKLINK" command as "MKLINK /d userdata X:\userdata"

to explain that a little "MKLINK" command will create a sym-link. /d means link to a folder or directory then that is followed by the link name and the target of the link.

and done.

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