Monday, 27 July 2009

MiFi Thoughts

Recent I've heard a few people, include Leo Laporte, talking about MiFi

it seems like a really nice idea but I have a slightly different desire. instead of carrying this and a "smart" phone I want a simple phone and a device of my choice. if i could have a small simple phone such as the Nokia 8800 or the 6500 and then a device such as a iPod touch, a Nokia N810 or a Netbook. The phone would need to be capable of being a wi-fi router like the mifi unit and preferably be able to deal with text messages on the device or as well as the phone. This would allow whatever device the user has at that point in time to handle web, email and media without the user having to worry about battery life on their phone.

as much as I like having an iPhone, despite my annoyances with how apple conduct themselves, this is a solution I would love.

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