Friday, 13 March 2009

Twitter Command line + Google reader RSS

I'm not sure whats happened to the last 2 months, I don't seem to have managed to do anything apart from getting sick for a couple weeks. any the last couple of days i have been trying to streamline a few more things into my center of knowledge: google reader.

Twitter RSS feed

i wanted to setup an RSS feed for twitter so i can access the feed from any machine i used and my i phone.

to achieve this you need the RSS link from

unfortunately we can't just add that link into google reader because google reader does not support authentication (WHY NOT?) so we need to find a way to authenticate the feed then add it to google reader. This is where comes in. FreeMyFeed allows you to add a feed and your username and password to authenticate. it then gives you another RSS feed link which is not authenticated and hence can be added into google reader.

Twitter Command line client

the last 6 months or so I have been using Digsby under wine in linux, however i have become sick of its quirks running under wine so i moved back to pidgin (don't get me wrong i LOVE digsby and still use it under windows, just not linux). This left me without my main twitter posting method.

I downloaded "bti", a proper twitter CLI client. however I didn't want to have to input my username and password everytime I want to post. Now i can't take any credit for this I used the script from This Blog
curl --basic --user "craigawilson:******" --data-ascii "status=`echo $@|tr ' ' '+'`" ""

so i put the above code into /usr/bin/twitter with chmod 700 and chown craig. now i can type twitter and my post from the terminal or run prompt and it posts for me. obviously you would need to change "craigawilson" to your username and ****** to your password.

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