Sunday, 15 March 2009

RSS Downloader

My flat mate recent wrote a perl script for to scrape funfile and automatically download the shows he wants (Link)

inspired by this i and a desire to brush up my perl skills i thought id adapt the script to my own purposes.  Not being that interesting in automatically torrenting files (or rather seeing enough bumps in the road that i didnt want to code around) i thought i would apply the script to the Revision3 shows i download

so i have finished version 0.1 and it seems to work nicely enough.

Download Link


  • Automatic Download of shows via multiple RSS feeds

Future Improvements (High Priority):

  • General maintenance and code tidying

  • Seperate downloaded lists for each RSS feed to cut down on comparisions made

  • Debug Mode of some sort

Future Improvements (Low Priority):

  • Seperate Regular Expressions for each RSS feed

  • Command Line arguments allowing execution of a single feed

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