Friday, 20 March 2009

Github and other general updates

Since I knew my MSc project is going to contain a decent amount of coding i have been trying to think of a decent way of backing up my code, the more automatic the better, once again Mats direction seemed to be the way to go (you can say i'm copying him if you want but at the end of the day if it works it works).

anyway, to the point.... i have set up a Github profile and added the rss downloader as a project.

as a basic backup/version control system Git seems amazingly simple and easy to use. That being said, a look at the documentation makes it quite clear that I do not understand most of Git but it will surve my needs as a backup system and if someone gets some use from my code via github then I hope the world is all the better for it.

I've also been making a few other changes to this site (adding my honours project and a short page on my MSc), slowly making it into the site i had origonally invisadged when i started it.

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