Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Hakea Desk

having spent most of the last 2 years studying at the university rather then at home i had quite a small desk (note: the dual monitor is a pretty new setup so the desk size was not such an issue)

From My Home

From My Home

I moved into this flat at the end of september and felt like i wanted a bigger desk since i am now working from home again. Not being able to justify spending the amount of money required to buy a nice new desk, I suspected that i wouldn't be able get a new desk any time soon however i stumbled upon this Ikea Hacker article which inspired me to think about how i could achieve a bigger desk.

From My Home

The Parts:

  • 2,000mm by 600mm shelf from B&Q (cutt down to 1600mm instore) - £20

  • Adjustable table leg from Ikea - £15

  • some screws and L shaped brackets - under £5

I had to buy extra screws because the ones included with the table leg were too long and would have gone straight though the shelf. so £40, probably could have done it cheaper but not bad considering a decent 1600x600 desk would  cost alot more.

now obviously 1 table leg isnt much use but i didn't to dispose of my old desk incase i wanted to return to a smaller desk in the future. so i removed the top from the old desk and fixed this shelf to the top of it.

*i had some pictures from the actual work but i was not paying enough attention when taking them and they were far to blurry, i should have charged my camera rather then using my phone but nevermind*

From My Home

as you can see i have a much bigger working area now enough space to actually use my laptop as well

this final image is a bit blurry but shows there is enough space under the new desk for a filling cabinate or chest of drawers and if you look closely at the old desk you can also see that I moved the half shelf further back so I no longer smash my shins off it every day.

From My Home

all in all i'm very happy with the outcome of this project....now other things need to be done

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