Monday, 28 April 2008

failure to update explained

I've not updated in awhile gone though a combination of being in a personal hole, not having the motivation to do anything, and being insanely busy with uni work.

i doubt ill make any new posts for awhile since i'm pretty busy, something might pop up that i want to write about but since i have a lot of tests in the next few weeks i doubt it will.

here is my to do list that might be subjects for future posts, in no specific order
-Writing my own theme for this site.
-MSc project proposal on Firewall configuration
-Setting up PS3 compatable transcoding on Mediatomb upnp server
-Transfering this site from my home server upto a professional web-hosting account
-Class Project on creating a IDS solution using Snort and C#

In the mean time here is something funny from Gizmodo:
Steve Ballmers Presentation Laptop!

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