Sunday, 30 March 2008

Link to outside a framed redirect

I linked to the holding page for my consultancy site, let me explain the current hosting setup is hosted at thanks to dynDNS.

this blog, is also hosted on the same server at

so i set to redirect to my / and to /blog. since is still under construction and as such has no real content i linked to this blog.

the next task was to escape the framed redirect for WilSys.

it is insanely easy.
so instead of putting
<a href="">Craig Wilsons Blog</a>

insert "target=_top" into the a href section so it looks like
<a href="" target=_top>Craig Wilsons Blog</a>

right, next job is to write a new skin for this blog cause i really hate this one.

edit: just to note my setup is different now so whats being said about the hosting is no longer applicable.

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